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Young Veteran Looking For Help

markwg21 started this conversation

Hello, I am private greenlaw I served my country but my country wont serve me I am back in civilian life looking for a job but since I have been out of the army I am falling way behind on bill my electric bill is almost 800.00 with them threatning to shut me down, My rent is 2 months over due I make enough help with the state to cover the cost of food for myself and my wife & kids we do get help from family for daily cash needs but the two bills mentioned above is what is dragging me down I tried to apply for TANF but they denied me The would much rather help those cheating the system then the ones trying to work with the system any help would be appreciated thank you in advance!

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What branch of service were you in? When did you get out? Did you serve in any combat area?

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Check your main page and look on the right of page. Scroll down to the links section and click on the links for resources local to you.

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Could anyone tell me how to go upon getting help on here?

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